WEET WTP 3318 0.1W 6mm Phenolic Round Trimming Potentiometer Usage Process

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1、 The basic principle of adjustable potentiometers

Potentiometer, also known as potentiometer and rotary rheostat, is a component used to adjust the resistance value in a circuit. 

Its working principle is to change the resistance value of the resistor by rotating the knob on the adjustable potentiometer, so as to control the parameters such as current and voltage in the circuit.

2、 The usage process of adjustable potentiometers

A. Choose a suitable adjustable potentiometer

When selecting an adjustable potentiometer, it is necessary to choose according to the specific usage scenario and parameter requirements. 

Usually, factors such as the resistance value, rated power, and adjustment accuracy of adjustable potentiometers need to be considered.

B. Connect the circuit

Connect the adjustable potentiometer to the circuit and adjust the knob as needed to change parameters such as current and voltage in the circuit.

C. Adjust the resistance value of the potentiometer

By rotating the knob on the potentiometer, change the resistance value of the potentiometer. Be careful not to rotate excessively or too quickly to avoid damaging the equipment.

D. Organize circuits

After use, the circuit needs to be organized to avoid short circuits or other unexpected situations.



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