WEET SQP Cement Resistor 2W 3W 5W 7W 8W 10W 15W 20W 30W 40W For Audio Applications

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Ceramic insulated power type wire wound resistors are often referred to as cement resistors. 

It is widely used in computers, televisions, instruments, instruments, and audio systems.
Cement resistors are wound with resistance wires, generally with high power and larger overall dimensions.
Therefore, it can be easily distinguished from its appearance, power, and model. 

In terms of power, it is divided into specifications such as 2W, 3W, 5W, 7W, 8W, 10W, 15W, 30W, 20W, 40W, etc.
The common model is SQP cement resistor, which adopts an industrial high-frequency electronic ceramic shell, with good heat dissipation and excellent insulation performance. 

Its insulation resistance can reach 100MR, and it also has excellent flame retardant and explosion-proof properties.
The resistance wire is made of alloy materials such as constantan, manganese copper, nickel chromium, etc., which have good stability and overload capacity. 

The resistance wire is crimped with the solder lead wire. In the event of a load short circuit, it can quickly fuse at the crimping point, providing protection for the circuit.

Good heat resistance, low temperature coefficient, and low noise.

High load power, flame retardant.

Operating environment temperature: -55 ℃~+125 ℃

WEET SQP Series Axial Cement Ceramic Audio Resistor 10W Function of the Resistors

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What is The function of the resistor?

The obstruction effect of an object on the passage of current is called resistance, and the components made by utilizing this obstruction effect are called resistors, abbreviated as resistors.

Resistors are the most widely used type of circuit components, accounting for over 30% of the total number of components in electronic devices. Their quality has a great impact on the stability of circuit operation.

In a circuit, the main function of a resistor is to stabilize and regulate the circuit

Current and voltage, which play a role in voltage reduction, voltage sharing, current limiting, shunt, isolation, filtering (in conjunction with capacitors), matching, and signal amplitude regulation.

The symbol of resistors in circuits: Resistors are the most basic and common electronic components in electronic circuits, and resistors are generally represented by written symbols such as "R", "RN", "RF", "FS", etc.

WEET SQZ 5W Standing Type Through Hole Terminal Cement Ceramic Resistor PCB Mounting Cross to YAGEO

WEET SQZ 5W Standing Type Through Hole Terminal Cement Ceramic Resistor PCB Mounting Cross to YAGEO

Power Rating 70℃2W3W5W7W10W
Series NumberSQM
Operating Temp. Range-55~ +155
Max. Working Voltage250V350V350V500V500V
Max. Overload Voltage500V700V700V1000V1000V
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage(AC)500V700V700V1000V1000V
Value Range ±5% (Ceramic Core)0.1Ω - 47Ω0.1Ω - 100Ω0.1Ω - 180Ω0.1Ω - 470Ω0.1Ω -680Ω
Value Range ±5% (Metal Oxide Film)48Ω -100KΩ110Ω -100KΩ180Ω -100KΩ471Ω -10KΩ681Ω -10KΩ
Temp. Coefficient (PPM)±300ppm/

WEET SQZ Series Cement Ceramic Resistor 10W Through Hole PCB For Crossover and Hifi Network

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WEET Suggestion for using resistors:

It is recommended to leave a power margin of 1.5 times when using resistors in the circuit. For example, if the voltage in the circuit is 100V, the current is 0.01A, and the calculated power is P=100 * 0.01=1W, then the resistor cannot be used as 1W. If there is no 1.5W resistor, a 2W resistor needs to be used.

Advantages of cement resistance:

1. Features such as shock resistance, moisture resistance, heat resistance, good heat dissipation, and low price.

2. Fully insulated, suitable for printed circuit boards.

3. Wire winding on the porcelain rod and then welding the joints to produce accurate resistance values and extend service life.

4. High resistance values are made using metal oxide film (MO) instead of wire winding.

5. Excellent heat resistance, low resistance temperature coefficient, and linear variation.

6. Short term overload resistance, low noise, resistance value unchanged over the years.

7. Good explosion-proof performance, providing protection.

WEET SQZ-YD Series Standing Type Two Terminals PCB Mounting Cement Ceramic Resistor 20W

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3.3Ω 20W ±5% Size L*H*W±1.5mm:63*12.5*12.5 ±300ppm/℃

3.9Ω 20W ±5% Size L*H*W±1.5mm:63*12.5*12.5 ±300ppm/℃

8.2Ω 20W ±5% Size L*H*W±1.5mm:63*12.5*12.5 ±300ppm/℃

6.8Ω 20W ±5% Size L*H*W±1.5mm:63*12.5*12.5 ±300ppm/℃

18Ω 20W ±5% Size L*H*W±1.5mm:63*12.5*12.5 ±300ppm/℃

WEET BP Axial Bi Polar NP Through Hole Non-Polar and Polarized Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

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WEET WAA Axial 85C 2000H Polarized Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors Standard Low Voltage
WEET WAB Axial 105C 1000H Polarized Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors Super Low Voltage
WEET WMN BP Axial Bi polar 120HZ Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors For Audio and Speaker System: Low Dissipation Factor, MAX 5% at 120Hz, Bi-Polarized,105℃ 1000 hours
WEET WMM BP Axial Bi polar Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors for Audio and Speaker System: Low Dissipation Factor MAX 5% at 1KHz,Bi-Polarized,105℃ 1000 hours
WEET WMS NP Axial Non polar Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors for Audio and Amplifier System: Low Dissipation Factor MAX 10 % at 1KHz,Bi-Polarized,105℃ 1000 hours


WEE Technology (WEET) Company Limited All Kinds of Capacitors Packing: Bulk, Ammo, Tape and Reel

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WEE Technology (WEET) Company Limited is specialized in manufacturing full range of capacitors for more than 20 years history. WEET products can be packaged in various packing based on customer request. Cut leads, long leads, Straight leads, Kinked leads are available. For Axial and Radial capacitors, our standard packing is bulk and ammo in box, tape and real. For SMD capacitors, tape and real, ammo and real packing. You can refer to WEET sales engineers for the best packing solution for all of your products.


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WEET CR Sereis Carbon Film Resistor 1W 2WS 2W 3WS 3W 5WS Stably Controlled

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What are the differences between carbon film resistance and metal film resistance

1. The carbon film resistance has a negative temperature coefficient, while the metal film resistance has a small positive temperature coefficient;

2. Carbon film resistance is an ordinary resistance, and its accuracy is generally not very high, while metal film resistance has higher accuracy than carbon film resistance. However, due to the improvement of current technology, this method is sometimes not very desirable;

3. The appearance of carbon film resistors is mostly khaki or pink, while the appearance of metal film resistors is mostly blue;

4. By looking at the color of the protective paint, the black protective film is carbon film resistance, while the bright white protective film is metal film resistance.

What are the characteristics of carbon film resistance and metal film resistance

1、 Carbon film resistance

For the carbon film resistance, it uses carbon to precipitate on the magnetic rod or porcelain tube, and at the same time forms a layer of crystalline carbon film on its surface. By changing the thickness of the carbon film and changing the degree of the carbon film resistance by grooving, the required resistance value is finally obtained. Finally, the surface is coated with epoxy resin to strengthen the sealing. The appearance color is basically earthy yellow, but there are also other colors, such as pink.

The color ring is composed of four rings. The resistance range is 1 Ω~10M Ω. The rated power is 0.125W, 0.25W, 0.5W, 1W, etc. The accuracy range is ± 10%, ± 5%, ± 2%. This resistance is generally large and is often used in low-cost products, such as power supply products and chargers. This type of resistance is not recommended for starting resistance, because the impact resistance is relatively defective.

2、 Metal film resistance

As for the metal film resistor, it is formed by vacuum evaporation or infiltration on the ceramic pipe rack to form a layer of metal film, which is attached to the surface of white ceramics. It is cut to adjust the resistance value to obtain a more precise resistor. This resistor has high precision, small volume, good stability and high cost. It is usually used in wireless electronic equipment, especially in occasions with higher precision requirements. Its appearance color is mostly blue.