WEET WTP 063 065 Shares Precautions for Adjustable Trimmer Potentiometers

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WEET Shares Precautions for adjustable potentiometers

1. Avoid excessive rotation

When using adjustable potentiometers, it is necessary to avoid excessive rotation to avoid abnormal resistance values or equipment damage.

2. Avoid external impact

Adjustable potentiometer is a relatively fragile component that needs to be careful to avoid external impact and mechanical damage.

3. Avoid entering high voltage

When using adjustable potentiometers, it is necessary to avoid entering excessively high voltage to prevent equipment damage or safety accidents.

4. Pay attention to temperature and humidity

Adjustable potentiometers are sensitive to temperature and humidity, and attention should be paid to the ambient temperature and humidity to avoid damage to the equipment.

WEET WTP 3318 0.1W 6mm Phenolic Round Trimming Potentiometer Usage Process

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1、 The basic principle of adjustable potentiometers

Potentiometer, also known as potentiometer and rotary rheostat, is a component used to adjust the resistance value in a circuit. 

Its working principle is to change the resistance value of the resistor by rotating the knob on the adjustable potentiometer, so as to control the parameters such as current and voltage in the circuit.

2、 The usage process of adjustable potentiometers

A. Choose a suitable adjustable potentiometer

When selecting an adjustable potentiometer, it is necessary to choose according to the specific usage scenario and parameter requirements. 

Usually, factors such as the resistance value, rated power, and adjustment accuracy of adjustable potentiometers need to be considered.

B. Connect the circuit

Connect the adjustable potentiometer to the circuit and adjust the knob as needed to change parameters such as current and voltage in the circuit.

C. Adjust the resistance value of the potentiometer

By rotating the knob on the potentiometer, change the resistance value of the potentiometer. Be careful not to rotate excessively or too quickly to avoid damaging the equipment.

D. Organize circuits

After use, the circuit needs to be organized to avoid short circuits or other unexpected situations.



WEET WTP 3309 0.5W 9mm Cermet Consumer Trimming Potentiometer

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A potentiometer, also known as an adjustable resistor, is a basic electrical component commonly used in motors to adjust the voltage and current in the circuit, thereby achieving control of the motor. In motors, potentiometers mainly have the following functions:

1. Adjust the output voltage and current of the motor: The potentiometer can adjust the output voltage and current of the motor by changing the resistance value in the circuit, thereby controlling the working performance of the motor. For example, in a DC motor, a variable resistor can be used to control the speed and torque of the motor, as well as to adjust the winding resistance and current of the motor.

2. Suppressing interference signals in the circuit: The potentiometer can be used as a part of the filter to suppress interference signals in the circuit by changing the resistance value, thereby improving the stability and reliability of the motor's operation.

3. Adjusting the attenuator: The potentiometer can also be used as a part of the attenuator to attenuate signals by adjusting the resistance value, thereby protecting the motor and other electrical components from high signal voltages.



WEET WTP 3306 0.2W 6mm Round Trimming Potentiometer 2 Terminal Styles

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WEET Introducce all The types of potentiometer

According to the structure and usage of potentiometers, they can be divided into many different types, among which the common ones are as follows:

1. Rotating potentiometer: A rotating potentiometer, also known as a potential knob, usually consists of a rotatable conductor and two endpoints.
By rotating the potential knob, the distance between its connection point and the conductor is changed, thereby changing the resistance value in the circuit.

2. Linear potentiometer: A linear potentiometer, also known as a linear potentiometer, usually consists of an adjustable conductor and two endpoints.
By moving the connection point (sliding electrode) on the conductor, its resistance value is changed to control the current and voltage in the circuit.

3. Dual turn potentiometer: A dual turn potentiometer is similar to a rotary potentiometer, but has two rotatable conductors that can rotate horizontally and vertically.
It is commonly used to control two parameters in a circuit.



WEET WTP 3296 0.5W 9mm Square Trimming Potentiometer 5 Terminal Styles

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Potentiometers can be divided into precision potentiometers and sealed potentiometers.
The 3296 potentiometer is one of the series of precision potentiometers,
which can be divided into several types according to their specifications,
such as 3296X, 3296P, 3296Y, 3296Z, 3296W, etc.
Moreover, resistors with different specifications will also have differences in functional characteristics.
So generally, when we purchase a 3296 potentiometer, we cannot limit ourselves to evaluating the quality of the product solely based on price,
because the performance characteristics of the potentiometer can be comprehensively analyzed from its power, resistance, temperature coefficient, and other aspects

WEET WTP 3269 0.25W 6mm Square SMD Trimming Potentiometer Adjustment

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Chip SMD Trimming Potentiometer refers to a chip resistor whose resistance value can vary. 

The main function in a circuit is to regulate physical quantities related to electricity, such as potential (voltage), current, volume, brightness, speed, etc.

 It is an indispensable electrical component in a circuit. 

Adjustment of SMT Potentiometers 

Surface mount potentiometers generally have slots that can adjust resistance changes. 

Since the slots are not very large, the adjustment tool blade must match the potentiometer slot and the torque should be appropriate, 

otherwise it is easy to damage the surface mount potentiometers. 

In addition, do not adjust the surface mount potentiometer randomly during maintenance to avoid expanding the range of faults and making recovery difficult. 

If adjustment is required, it is best to mark the starting position of the adjustment, and the adjustment should generally not exceed 360 °



WEET The Adjustment Method of 3266 Trimming Potentiometer 5 Terminal Styles

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Usually, the terminal pins of a 3266 potentiometer consist of three pin contacts, one movable pin and two fixed pins. 

However, during installation and wiring, the two fixed pins can be interchanged, while the middle fixed pin cannot be interchanged with the movable pin, 

otherwise it will cause incompatibility between the wires and may directly damage the potentiometer. 

The adjustment method of 3266 potentiometer can be achieved by inserting a flat screwdriver into the screw adjustment port, 

and then turning the screwdriver can change the orientation of the chip, thereby controlling the adjustment of resistance value

Standard Resistance Range10Ω - 5MΩ
Resistance Tolerance±10%; ±20% for 10, 20 and 2M ohm
Absolute Minimum Resistance≤10Ω(100Ω≤R≤1KΩ) ≤1%R(R>1KΩ)
Contact Resistance VariationCRV≤3% or 5Ω (whichever is larger)
Insulation ResistanceR1≥1GΩ(500Vdc)
Withstand Voltage500VAC
Effective Travel10±2 turns nom



WEET Application of WEET Trimming Potentiometers WTP 3590

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Application of WEET trimming potentiometers

Potentiometers are widely used and can be applied in many products. In power supply products such as switching power supplies, UPS power supplies, high-frequency switching power supplies, reverse frequency power supplies, chargers, frequency converters, etc., blue and white fine adjustable potentiometers and precision potentiometers are used; In household appliances, such as induction cookers, humidifiers, air conditioners, range hoods, lighting fixtures, electric fans, and other small home appliance control boards; In communication products such as walkie talkies, cable TV equipment, mixing stations, window intercoms, etc., SMT adjustable potentiometers, iron case potentiometers, etc. are used

  • Audio devices: Adjustable potentiometers can be used to adjust parameters such as volume and tone in audio devices. 

  • Lighting equipment: Adjustable potentiometers can also be used to control the brightness of lighting equipment.

  • Power circuit: Adjustable potentiometers can also be used to control the output voltage of power circuits



WEET WTP 3006 Function 19mm Rectangular Trimmer Potentiometer WEE Technology

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Function of potentiometer

There are many types of potentiometers, and the functions of different potentiometers may vary. However, most potentiometers have three basic functions

1. First function: current control

Some precision potentiometers are capable of current control, only in this way can the current value be accurately obtained. When the selected current output end is the sliding contact lead out end, 

the potentiometer can be used to control the current size;

2. Second function: distributing voltage

By utilizing the nearly linear relationship between resistance and voltage, adjusting the resistance value can adjust the voltage distribution relationship and achieve stepless output voltage regulation, 

such as in humidifiers and other areas;

3. The third function is to change the resistance

When the input parameter of the circuit is the resistance value, a potentiometer can be used. When the trimmer potentiometer is connected to two end devices, 

it can obtain a smooth and continuous change in resistance value within the travel range. At this time, the potentiometer plays a role in changing the resistance. 

For example, in humidity control, different humidity levels are displayed by controlling the resistance value.




WEET Chinese Manufacturing of Electric Fan Capacitor CBB61 CBB65 CBB60 CD60 Suppliers Class C and B

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WFF - CBB61 Motor Running Capacitor 250VAC 450VAC 1uF-20uF

Application: power tools, washing machines, tumble dryers, dishwashers, vacuum cleaners, air conditioners and compressors...

Datasheet: https://www.weetcapacitor.com/Datasheet/WEET-WFF-CBB61-Box-Shape-and-Plastics-Case-Motor-Running-Capacitor.pdf   

WFF-C 4uF 450VAC +/-5% L38mm T18.5mm H29mm
WFF-G 3uF 450VAC +/-5% 50/60Hz L32mm T14mm H24mm
WFF-D 2uF 450VAC +/-5% L37mm T13mm H23mm
WFF-E 1.5uF 450VAC +/-5% L36mm T12mm H22mm

WFF-A 8uF 250VAC +/-5% 50/60Hz L47mm T23mm H35mm P41.5mm

Operating Condition: -40℃ ~ +85℃
Capacitance Range: 1μF ~ 20μF
Capacitance Tolerance: J(±5%)、K(±10%)
Rated Voltage: 250V、450V (AC)