WEET WTP 3329 0.5W 6mm Round Trimming Potentiometer 4 Terminal Styles

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The working principle of the 3296 potentiometer is based on its internal structure and electrical characteristics. 

It is a variable resistor, usually composed of a resistor body and a movable brush. The resistor body has two fixed ends, and the position of the moving contact point on the resistor body can be changed by manually adjusting the shaft or sliding handle. In this way, the resistance value between the moving contact and any fixed end will change, thereby adjusting the voltage and current in the circuit. twelve The 3296 potentiometer is a pre adjusted potentiometer driven by a screw, with the characteristic of multiple rotations. The full stroke is greater than or equal to 15 rotations, and the maximum resistance of the resistor body is only 300 °. 

By rotating the screw, the position of the contact point on the resistor can be adjusted, thereby changing the resistance value of the potentiometer. After adjusting to the maximum or minimum resistance value, the contact will not move with further rotation of the screw, which provides protection. 

 Potentiometers have a wide range of applications, as they can be used to adjust voltage (including DC voltage and signal voltage) and current, and are also commonly used as voltage dividers. In electronic circuits, the 3296 potentiometer is particularly suitable for situations that require high precision, such as audio amplifiers, temperature controllers, light brightness regulators, etc



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