WEET Precautions for WTP 3386 0.5W 9mm Square Trimming Potentiometer

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Precautions for using WEET potentiometers: 

 (1) In order to prevent the pin contacts and conductive layer of the WEET potentiometer from deteriorating or burning out, the working current of the potentiometer should not exceed the rated current. 

To avoid potential damage to the potentiometer. 

 (2) If the WEET potentiometer is used for a long time, there may be some loud noise or inflexible shaft adjustment. 

In this case, there may be a lack of specialized lubricating oil inside the potentiometer. 

By adding appropriate lubricating oil, the two types of faults can be solved. 

 (3) Do not tap or shake the WEET potentiometer during installation. Because the interior of the potentiometer is composed of various components, 

it is possible that these components may fall off due to violent shaking or vibration. So, more precautions are needed for this.


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