WEET WTP 3386 0.5W 9mm Square Trimming Potentiometer Hot Products Storing

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Suggestion for storing WEET potentiometers: 

 (1) Avoid storing WEET potentiometers and items with chemical components to prevent them from corroding the internal components of the potentiometer.
So it should be isolated and stored from items containing these chemical components.
 (2) WEET potentiometers should be stored in high temperature environments, as storing them in high temperature areas may cause accidents such as spontaneous combustion of internal components.
So it should be stored and not placed in a high temperature place.
 (3) WEET potentiometers should not be stored in damp places, as storing them in damp places can easily cause the internal components of the potentiometer to become damp and fail.
So the WEET potentiometer should be stored in a ventilated place.


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