WEET Trimming Potentiometer 3386P 3386F 3386H 3386X 3386W 3386C

WEE Technology Company Limited - Manufacturer For Full Range of Resistors

Variable Resistors, also called Trimming Potentiometers, WEET is strong at  9mm 6mm Square Trimming Potentiometer,
Square SMD Trimming Potentiometer,Rotary Metal Wire Wound Precision Trimming Potentiometer,Phenolic Consumer Trimming-Potentiometer etc.

WEE Technology potentiometers (WEET trimming potentiometer) include following part number:
WTP-3006, WTP-3266, WTP-3269, WTP-3296, WTP-3323, WTP-3329, WTP-3362, WTP-3386, WTP-3306,
WTP-3309, WTP-3540, WTP-3590, WTP-3318, WTP-065, WTP-3313, WTP-3224 and so on.


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