WEET WTP 3386 0.5W 9mm Square Trimming Potentiometer Hot Products Storing

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Suggestion for storing WEET potentiometers: 

 (1) Avoid storing WEET potentiometers and items with chemical components to prevent them from corroding the internal components of the potentiometer.
So it should be isolated and stored from items containing these chemical components.
 (2) WEET potentiometers should be stored in high temperature environments, as storing them in high temperature areas may cause accidents such as spontaneous combustion of internal components.
So it should be stored and not placed in a high temperature place.
 (3) WEET potentiometers should not be stored in damp places, as storing them in damp places can easily cause the internal components of the potentiometer to become damp and fail.
So the WEET potentiometer should be stored in a ventilated place.


WEET WTP 3362 0.25W 6mm Square Trimming Potentiometer 9 Terminal Styles

WEE Technology Company Limited - Manufacturer For Full Range of Resistors

Trouble shooting of Timming potentiometer soldering 

The soldering of potentiometers is one of the reasons that can easily cause malfunctions, and most customers still use manual soldering. 

In addition, some large enterprises use high-frequency soldering methods. 

There are some things to pay attention to. When using manual soldering method, the potentiometer should be completed as quickly as possible during the soldering operation, preferably within 3 seconds. 

The highest temperature of the soldering iron contact should be below 270 degrees. 

If the time is too long or the temperature is too high, it can cause various reasons such as poor contact of the potentiometer. 

When welding, be cautious when using flux and avoid using water-soluble flux, otherwise it will promote metal oxidation and material mold. 

 When using high-frequency soldering, pay attention to the plastic parts inside the potentiometer, such as the dial knob, plastic push handle, plastic handle, etc., 

so that the melting point can reach the required temperature for high-frequency soldering. If not, please replace the high-temperature resistant parts.



WEET Metal Oxide Varistor (MOVs) Features and Cross to Epcos SIOV, Maida, Panasonic, Littelfuse

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A varistor is an electronic component with a significant non-ohmic current-voltage characteristic. Topdiode VAR Series of transient voltage surge suppressors are radial leaded varistors (MOVs) designed for use in the protection of low and medium-voltage circuits and systems. Typical applications include motor control, telecom, automotive systems, solenoid, and power supply circuits to protect circuit board components and maintain data integrity. These devices are available in five model sizes: 5mm, 7mm, 10mm, 14mm and 20mm, and feature a wide VDC voltage.

WEET Metal Oxide Varistor (MOVs) Features:
Round Zinc Oxide Varistor, radial leaded type, high quality
CQC, UL, VDE approvals
RoHS, Reach, Halogen free compliant
High energy & 6KV3KA elements available on request
Bulk, Cut leg, Ammo Taped, Ammo Reel package available
Temperature: -40℃~+105℃
Design: Leaded Disc
Voltage: 18~1800V
Size: 05D, 07D,10D, 14D, 20D
Cross Reference Leaded Varistor (P/N to Epcos SIOV, Maida, Panasonic, Littelfuse)
Item code: 182K, 152K, 112K, 102K, 911K, 821K, 781K, 751K, 681K, 621K, 561K, 511K, 471K, 431K, 391K, 361K, 331K, 301K, 271K, 241K, 221K, 201K, 181K, 151K, 121K, 101K, 820K, 680K, 560K, 470K, 390K, 330K, 270K, 220K, 180L.