WEET WUA 0.047 Frad 5.5V to 1.5 Frad 5.5V Coin Type Cell Super Capacitors

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As an energy storage element, button supercapacitor is widely used in the backup power supply of instruments and clocks.
It has the characteristics of short charging time, long service life, good temperature characteristics, energy conservation and green environmental protection.

C. H-type and V-type structures can be selected during installation;

Product application: backup power supply, data protection and backup functions in electronic products with memory storage function.

Suitable for systems with CPU. Intelligent "three meters", tax controller, solar lamp, toy, solenoid valve, LED display screen, solar spike lamp, solar lawn lamp, industrial controller, on-board navigation equipment, remote control electric toys, electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles, car audio, electric tools, wind power generation, industrial UPS, peak power compensation, DC screen and other fields。



WEET Engineers Analyze the Advantages and Disadvantages of Super Capacitor-Coin, Radial, Lug, Screw

WEE Technology Company Limited - WEE are Capacitors Specialist

WEET Engineers would like to share the advantages of super capacitor: 

1. Capacitance up to Faraday level in a very small volume;
2. There is no need for special charging circuit and control discharge circuit;
3. Compared with battery, overcharge and over discharge have no negative effect on battery life;
4. From the perspective of environmental protection, it is a green energy;
5. The super capacitor can be welded, so there is no problem like the battery contact is not firm;

WEET Engineers also are aware of some disadvantages of super capacitor:
1. Electrolyte leakage will be caused by improper use;
2. Compared with aluminum electrolytic capacitor, it has larger internal resistance, so it can not be used in AC circuit;
For the selection of super capacitor, power requirement, discharge time and system voltage change play a decisive role. The output voltage drop of the super capacitor is composed of two parts, one is the energy released by the super capacitor, the other is caused by the internal resistance of the super capacitor. In the very fast pulse, the internal resistance part is the main part, on the contrary, in the long-time discharge, the capacitive part is the main part.

WEET provide Button super capacitor, hybrid super capacitor, super capacitor unit, super capacitor module. Below is some of WEET super capacitors category.

4.0F 5.5V special button super farad capacitor for backup power supply
2.0F 5.5V button super capacitor for farad capacitance instrument
1.0F 5.5V button super capacitor for standby power supply of instrument farad capacitor
2.7V series high temperature super capacitor 85 

2.7V series energy type winding super capacitor monomer
3.0V series power type winding super capacitor has small volume, large capacity, long service life, small internal resistance and small leakage current
100F ~ 400F energy type horn terminal super capacitor
360F, 400F, 600F internal thread super capacitor
Large capacity super capacitor 3000F, 2000F, 1500F, 1200F, 1000F, 650F screw and lug terminals
Super capacitor 3000F,  2000F, 1500F, 1200F, 1000F, 650F laser welding screw terminal

WEET 2.7V Winding Ultracapacitor 2.5V Series Power Type Winding SuperCapacitor Radial and Screw Type

WEE Technology Company Limited - WEE are Capacitors Specialist

Super capacitor is a new type of energy storage device between the traditional capacitor and the secondary battery, which has both the high power characteristics of the traditional capacitor and the high energy characteristics of the battery.

Due to its characteristics of high specific power, high current charging and discharging capacity, long life, ultra-low temperature performance, high reliability and environmental protection, super capacitor has unique advantages as power or energy storage power in industrial electronics, transportation, renewable energy, military and other fields.

Product series: 2.7V (4000f / 3000f / 2000f / 1500f / 1200F / 650f / 350f / 120F);
2.7V series power type winding super capacitor
2.7V super farad capacitor (EDLC), small volume, large capacity, long service life, small internal resistance, small leakage current

The specification sheet of 2.7V winding ultracapacitor

Brand: WEET
Rated voltage VR: 2.7V
Surge voltage:2.85V
Capacity range:0.1F~3000F
Operating temperature range:-40℃ ~ +70℃
Product features: high power, small internal resistance, small volume, long service life, small leakage current

Application: smart meter, smart water meter, smart energy meter and other instruments, electronic toys, TV, LED flash, smart door lock, smart rice cooker, smart electric water heater, tax control machine, etc

WEET 3.0V Power Type Super Farad Capacitor Radial Leaded Type 500F 4.7F 1.5F Winding Series

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WEET 3.0V power type super farad capacitor (radial leaded type) Product features:
ACP active carbon was used as electrode and organic electrolyte.
Rated voltage VR:3.0V
Surge voltage:3.15V
Capacity range:0.1F-700F 
Operating temperature range:-40 ~ +65℃
3.0V Series: 0.1-120F, Radial Type
3.0V Series: 90-700F, Lug type

Cycle life: 500000 times
Single voltage: 3V and 3.5V

Environmental protection, small internal resistance, large capacity, small leakage current, long service life, high reliability, good product consistency. It can charge and discharge quickly and provide high power output for equipment.

Application fields: intelligent electricity meter, intelligent water meter, intelligent flow meter and other instruments, electric toys, cordless telephone, television, rice cooker, EVD, computer, Car Navigator, digital camera, LED flash lamp, solar power generation, ram, detonator, car recorder, intelligent instrument, vacuum switch, digital camera, motor drive, clock circuit, UPS, toys, program-controlled switch And so on.

WEET 3V Winding Type Super Gold Capacitors Series Product features:

-Product series: 3.0V (500F / 100F / 60F / 25F / 10F / 8F /  4.7F / 1.5F);
-Ultra low internal resistance, ultra high power
-Over 500000 duty cycles
-Integrated super capacitor management system (UMS)
-Monomer to monomer balance
-Over voltage and temperature monitoring signal output
-Negative and positive reverse signal output
-I / O or can output interface
-Firm, tight, closed

Normal temperature cycle life:25℃, 1 million cycles between VR and 1/2VR , Capacity attenuation≤30%, ESR change≤4 times.
High temperature endurance life:Maximum temperature retention VR,1000 hours.Capacity attenuation≤30%, ESR change≤4 times.