WEET WCC Series Axial Leaded MLCC (Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors) MONO Capacitors Cross Reference

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The application of MLCC Mono capacitor is mainly in LCD watch, electronic camera, micro instrument, medical instrument and electronic tuner, while the application of ceramic capacitor is mainly in high frequency oscillation circuit, bypass and decoupling.

Axial Lead MLCC Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors WCC Key Characteristics:

Capacitance:1pF - 1µF
Voltage:25VDC 50VDC 100VDC
Operation Temperature: NPO(-55°C~125°C), X7R(-55°C~125°C), Y5V(-25°C~85°C)

Axial Lead MLCC Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors Cross Reference: WCC Series 
NIC Series: NCMA
Mallory :P
Vishay:A (Mono-Axial)

Radial Lead MLCC Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors Cross Reference: WCB Series 
NIC Series :NCM
AVX(KYOCERA): SR Series Skycap 
Kemet :C315~C350
Mallory :M 
Panasonic :ECU-S
Phillips : K, CN CW,CZ
Vishay/BC Components :K (Mono-Kap)
Murata : RPE 
Nippon chemi-con : THD serie
Syfer: 8111M, 8111N,8121M, 8121N,8131M, 8141M,8151M, 8161M,8171M

WEET WCB Series Radial MLCC Capacitors(Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors) MONO Caps Cross Reference

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WEET WCB Series Radial MLCC Capacitors(Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors) MONO Caps Cross Reference and How to ready MLCC Code Meaning

The capacity unit of capacitance is: (F), (uF), (pF). Generally we don't use it as a unit, because it's too big. 
The conversion relationship between units is: 1F = 1000000uF, 1uF = 1000000pF. In use, unit: NF is often seen. 1uF=1000nF 1nF=1000pF

If the capacitance is directly marked as 0.47, it means the capacity is 47uF and the capacitance withstand voltage is 25V. 
The mathematical counting method is adopted: the standard value is 104, and the capacity is 10x100000pF = 0.1uF. If the standard value is 473, it is 47x1000pF = 0.047uF. (the following 4 and 3 are the power of 10). Another example: 332 = 33x100pF= 3300pF.
Therefore, we can identify the capacitance of Dushi capacitor 104 according to the identification method. 
The identity 104 represents a capacity size of 0.1uF.

WEET SeriesWEE Technology DescriptionNIC  SeriesAVX(KYOCERA)TDKKemetMurataMalloryPanasonicVishayNippon   chemi-con
WCB SeriesRadial, Dipped MLCCNCMSRFK seriesC315RPEMECU-SK (Mono-Kap)THD serie


1法拉(F) = 1×10^6微法(μF)=1000000微法(μF)


1微法(μF)= 1×10^6皮法(pF)=1000000皮法(pF)法拉是一种国际单位制导出单位。

1F=1 C/V=1 sAmkg


WEET WCB Radial and Axial WCC MLCC MONO Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors Application and Features

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Generally speaking, monolith Mono capacitor is larger than the general ceramic capacitor (10PF ~ 10uF), and has the advantages of large electric capacity, small volume, high reliability, stable capacitance, high temperature resistance, good insulation, low cost, etc., so it has been often used in our daily consumer electronics. Monolith capacitors can not only replace mica capacitors and paper Dielectric capacitors, but also some tantalum capacitors, which are widely used in small and subminiature electronic equipment (such as LCD watches and micro instruments).

WEET WCB Radial and Axial WCC MLCC MONO Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors Application:

This product is widely used in instruments, meters, barbecue ovens, televisions, drinking fountains, anion purifiers, tea trays and household electrical circuits for DC pulsation, pulse, and AC voltage reduction, especially for various types of energy-saving lamps and electronic rectifiers.

WEET WCB Radial and Axial WCC MLCC MONO Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors Features:

The main features are favorable price, small volume, large capacity, insulation resistance, excellent electrical performance, good reliability, small loss and good self-healing performance. It is sealed with epoxy resin, so it has excellent pressure resistance, heat resistance, shock resistance and moisture resistance. It is not easy to damage the capacitor surface during welding and cleaning.

WEET Leaded and Surface Mount SMD MLCC Capacitors Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors MONO Capacitors

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In addition to the characteristics of the capacitor of "isolating direct current and alternating current", the single stone MLCC Mono capacitor also has the characteristics of small volume, large specific capacity, long service life, high reliability, suitable for surface installation, etc. 

With the rapid development of the world's electronic industry, as the basic component of the electronic industry, MLCC Capacitors(Multilayer Ceramic   Capacitors, Radial MONO Capacitors) capacitor also develops at an amazing speed, with an annual growth rate of 10 [%] ~ 15 [%]. The world's demand for single stone MONO capacitors is more than 200 billion, 70%] of which are from Japan, followed by Europe, the United States and Southeast Asia (including China). 

With the improvement of reliability and integration of chip capacity products, its application range is more and more wide, and it is widely used in various military and civil electronic machines and electronic equipment. Such as computer, telephone, program-controlled exchange, precise testing instrument, radar communication, etc. WEET is able to provide below Capacitors.

Leaded MLCC Capacitors(Multilayer Ceramic  Capacitors)
Radial MLCC Capacitors(Multilayer Ceramic   Capacitors, Radial MONO Capacitors)0.5pF   - 22µF50VDC   to 100VDCNPO,   X7R, Y5V

Axial MLCC Capacitors(Multilayer Ceramic   Capacitors, Axial MONO 


1pF   - 1µF50VDC   to 100VDCNPO,   X7R, Y5V
Surface Mount SMD MLCC Capacitors(Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors)
Chip MLCC Capacitors(Multilayer Ceramic   Capacitors)0.1pF   - 47µF4VDC   to 50VDCNPO,   X7R, Y5V,
High Voltage Chip MLCC Capacitors0.5pF   - 1µF63VDC   to 4000VDCNPO,   X7R
High Q Low ESR RF Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors0.1pF   - 6800pF250VDC   to 7200VDCCOG

WEET Motor Running and Motor Starting Capacitors Structure and CBB60 CBB65 CBB61 CD60 Application

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WEET CD60 is aluminum electrolytic capacitor (large capacity, but short life); CD60, CBB60, CBB65 working voltage is generally about 450V for WEET AC motor commutation, operation capacitor is mainly used for air conditioning, washing machine, water pump, etc. 
CBB61 fan starting capacitor. CBB80 is a high-voltage (working voltage above 800V) capacitor, which is generally used in high-voltage circuits such as thyristor and rectifier overvoltage protection.

In particular, CBB65 and CD60 are vacuum impregnated with vegetable oil and mineral oil to improve the insulation, dielectric coefficient and other electrical properties of capacitors and moisture-proof. 
CBB60 and CBB65 are usually filled with a mixture of paraffin and vegetable oil. 
CBB61 is generally a square box type ABS plastic shell. 
CBB80 is generally PBT shell. The shape of the capacitor is not invariable, but can be changed according to the actual use.

CBB61 fan capacitor, CBB65 air conditioner capacitor, CBB60 motor capacitor are widely used in household, water pump, ultra-high pressure cleaning machine, mahjong machine, fan, single capacitor motor, washing machine and grade household appliances.

CBB60 AC motor capacitor and WEET CD60 starting capacitor are widely used in single-phase double capacitor motor, gasoline generator, diesel generator, three-phase single capacitor motor and other industrial appliances.

WEET Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors - SMD E Cap Common Dimension and Strong Items

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WEE Technology SMD E Cap including 2000 hours at 85°C SMD E Cap and 1000 hours at 105°C SMD E Cap.
Chip type, operating with wide temperature range -40~+105°C.
Designed for surface mounting on high density circuit board.
Tape and reel package is available for automatic insertion. 

WEET Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors - SMD E Cap Common Dimension and Strong Items


WEET Introduce Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors Obvious Core Characteristics in Structure

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The core of aluminum electrolytic capacitor is made of four layers of anode aluminum foil, electrolytic paper, cathode aluminum foil, electrolytic paper, etc. after the core contains electrolyte, it is sealed with aluminum shell and rubber cover to form an electrolytic capacitor. Compared with other types of capacitors, aluminum electrolytic capacitors have the following obvious characteristics in structure:

 (1) The working medium of aluminum electrolytic capacitor is to form a very thin layer of aluminum oxide (Al2O3) on the surface of aluminum foil by anodizing. The oxide medium layer and the anode of the capacitor are combined into a complete system, and they are interdependent and cannot be independent of each other. As we usually say, the electrode and dielectric of the capacitor are independent of each other.
 (2) The anode of aluminum electrolytic capacitor is the aluminum foil with Al2O3 dielectric layer on its surface. The cathode is not the negative foil we used to think, but the electrolyte of capacitor.
 (3) Negative foil plays the role of electrical lead-out in electrolytic capacitor, because the electrolyte as cathode of electrolytic capacitor can not be directly connected with the external circuit, it must form an electrical path through another metal electrode and other parts of the circuit.
 (4) The anode aluminum foil and cathode aluminum foil of aluminum electrolytic capacitor are usually corrosion aluminum foil. The actual surface area is much larger than its apparent surface area, which is also a reason why aluminum electrolytic capacitor usually has large capacitance. Due to the use of aluminum foil with many micro etched holes, liquid electrolyte is usually needed to make more effective use of its actual electrode area. 
 (5) As the dielectric oxide film of aluminum electrolytic capacitor is obtained by anodizing, and its thickness is directly proportional to the voltage applied by anodizing, therefore, in principle, the thickness of dielectric layer of aluminum electrolytic capacitor can be accurately controlled as a technical reference.

WEET Structure Features of WEET Micro SMD Ecap Chip and Solid Chip Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor

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WEET Micro Chip Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors are Divided into Two types: Liquid and Solid(Polymer Capacitors)

Generally, the ink color of the surface is different. All imported ink, not easy to fade and fall off. The lettering of the electrolytic capacitor of the liquid chip is black, and that of the electrolytic capacitor of the WEET solid chip polymer capacitor is red and blue.

WEET Structure Features of WEET Micro SMD Ecap Chip and Solid Chip Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor:

The full name of solid-state capacitor: solid aluminum electrolytic capacitor. The biggest difference between them is that they use different dielectric materials. The dielectric material of liquid aluminum capacitor is electrolyte, while the dielectric material of solid capacitance is conductive polymer.

As the solid-state capacitor uses conductive polymer product as the dielectric material, the material will not interact with alumina and will not explode after being electrified; at the same time, it is a solid-state product, so there will be no burst due to thermal expansion. Solid state capacitor has the advantages of environmental protection, low impedance, high and low temperature stability, high ripple resistance and high reliability. It is the highest level product in the current electrolytic capacitor products. As the solid-state capacitance is far superior to the liquid aluminum capacitance, and the solid-state capacitance has a temperature resistance of 260 degrees, good conductivity, frequency characteristics and service life. It is suitable for low voltage and high current applications, mainly used in digital products such as thin DVD, projector and industrial computer, etc., and also widely used in computer board products in recent years. In fact, the chip capacitor is essentially the same as the lead plug-in electrolytic capacitor, and the difference between them is only in the packaging or welding process.

No matter the installation process of plug-in or chip type, the capacitor itself is upright on PCB. The fundamental difference is that the capacitor installed by SMT chip process has a black rubber base. The advantage of SMT is mainly in production. It has high automation and precision. It is not easy to be damaged as plug-in type in transportation. Due to the low cost of machinery and expensive labor in European and American factories, most of them tend to SMT chip manufacturing. However, the labor of domestic factories is cheaper, so manufacturers prefer to use plug-in installation.

WEET Collected Some Detailed Application Fields of SMD Chip Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

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WEET 微特科技有限公司分享贴片铝电解电容的详细应用领域

第五:安防行业:如安防设备以及消防设备,移动扫描机楼宇对讲,编码识别器,公交 车,汽车摄像头,社区安 防摄像头,公路上的限速摄像头等安防系统。

WEE Technology collected some detailed application fields of SMD chip aluminum electrolytic capacitors
The shape characteristic of SMD aluminum electrolytic capacitor is a new type of passive component with light weight, thin thickness and small volume, which makes it popular in electronic products and has a wide range of applications.
At present, SMD aluminum electrolytic capacitors are widely used in various electronic products with compact structure, small volume and high precision, Especially concentrated on below fileds:
First: communication equipment, such as mobile phone, walkie talkie, mobile communication pocket walkie talkie and other equipment. These communication products are relatively small in size, and in the production process are relatively strict, and the relative use of electronic components also need strict size.
Second: computer and peripheral accessories, such as external camera, computer main version, mini speaker, USB small fan, etc.
Third: multimedia player: such as LCD TV, portable DVD player, LED display screen, office projector, LCD display, high frequency audio, HD TV (including digital set-top box), multimedia radio, etc
Fourth: Vehicle Industry: such as GPS positioning and guidance, vehicle TV / DVD / radio, car speakers, etc
Fifth: Security Industry: such as security equipment and fire fighting equipment, mobile scanner building intercom, code recognizer, bus, car camera, community security camera, speed limit camera on the road and other security systems.
Sixth: digital products: such as mobile power supply, front-end high-end digital camera, high-end game machine, high-end MP3 player, high-end mp4 player, mobile DVD, remote control, etc.
Seventh: Smart Home: such as smart air conditioner, lampblack machine, refrigerator, refrigerator, electromagnetic oven, microwave oven, vacuum cleaner, etc

In addition, there are financial and commercial ATMs, tax control computers, high-end computers, POS machines, cash registers, mobile scanners, all kinds of on-board electrical appliances, medical equipment, precision instruments, industrial equipment or household electrical appliances control part, electronic toys, electric vehicle control part, etc.

WEET Engineers Analyze the Advantages and Disadvantages of Super Capacitor-Coin, Radial, Lug, Screw

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WEET Engineers would like to share the advantages of super capacitor: 

1. Capacitance up to Faraday level in a very small volume;
2. There is no need for special charging circuit and control discharge circuit;
3. Compared with battery, overcharge and over discharge have no negative effect on battery life;
4. From the perspective of environmental protection, it is a green energy;
5. The super capacitor can be welded, so there is no problem like the battery contact is not firm;

WEET Engineers also are aware of some disadvantages of super capacitor:
1. Electrolyte leakage will be caused by improper use;
2. Compared with aluminum electrolytic capacitor, it has larger internal resistance, so it can not be used in AC circuit;
For the selection of super capacitor, power requirement, discharge time and system voltage change play a decisive role. The output voltage drop of the super capacitor is composed of two parts, one is the energy released by the super capacitor, the other is caused by the internal resistance of the super capacitor. In the very fast pulse, the internal resistance part is the main part, on the contrary, in the long-time discharge, the capacitive part is the main part.

WEET provide Button super capacitor, hybrid super capacitor, super capacitor unit, super capacitor module. Below is some of WEET super capacitors category.

4.0F 5.5V special button super farad capacitor for backup power supply
2.0F 5.5V button super capacitor for farad capacitance instrument
1.0F 5.5V button super capacitor for standby power supply of instrument farad capacitor
2.7V series high temperature super capacitor 85 

2.7V series energy type winding super capacitor monomer
3.0V series power type winding super capacitor has small volume, large capacity, long service life, small internal resistance and small leakage current
100F ~ 400F energy type horn terminal super capacitor
360F, 400F, 600F internal thread super capacitor
Large capacity super capacitor 3000F, 2000F, 1500F, 1200F, 1000F, 650F screw and lug terminals
Super capacitor 3000F,  2000F, 1500F, 1200F, 1000F, 650F laser welding screw terminal