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WEET AH Gold Aluminum Housed Resistor Applications

Gold Aluminum Housed Wire Wound Resistors have the characteristics of high power, small size, strong overload capacity, sturdy structure, and high reliability; 

Widely used in power supplies, frequency converters, elevators, industrial control, and stage audio systems.

WEET SQM Radial Cement Housed Ceramic Resistor Applications

Ideal specifications for high volume and high-temperature applications. Frequently used in power supplies, motor controllers, and automotive applications, 

in audio equipment, for example, in crossovers used in speakers

WEET MO MOX Metal Oxide Resistor Applications

MO can support higher power requirements and withstand large pulse load in high ambient temperatures with long-term stability

Both general (voltage divider, RC timing circuits, and pull-up/pull-down resistors) and 

surge (RC snubber circuits, current limiting, overload ground line) applications in the automotive, industrial and consumer industries.  

WEET MF Metal Film Precision Resistor Applications

MF, Metal Fime Resistor, is a precise and functional resistor. It is suitable for application on precise electronic circuits.

MF resistors are widely applied in high fidelity stereo, electronic calculators, computers, testing instruments, meters, auto controlled equipment, military devices and aerospace equipment.

WEET FR Sereis Fusible Flame Retardant Coating Resistor Applications

Fusible resistors are used in motor controller systems, automobiles, power supplies, rectifiers and inverters, home appliances, power tools, and other equipment.

WEET KNP KNS Wire Wound Resistor Applications

Often used in stereo systems for their precision and in high power applications like transducers and televisions, Consumer applications, Power tools, Ballast,Power supplies, Welders, High voltage applications, 

Home entertainment, appliances.

WEET CF Series Carbon Film Resistor Applications

The typical uses for carbon film resistors are in high voltage and high temperature applications. Operating voltages up to 15 kV with a nominal temperature of 350 °C are feasible for carbon film resistors.. 

Example uses include high voltage power supplies, radars, x-rays, and lasers

WEET AH Gold Aluminum Housed Resistor 25W 50W 100W Fast Lead Time and Superior Quality

High power rating , small size and ultra precision
Standard winding non-inductive winding types
High stability,strong construction
Suitable for vehicle
Wattage Range : 6 styles to choose ranging from 5 to 250 watts
Resistance Tolerance :±10%, ±5%, ±3%, ±2%, ±1%,±0.5%
Operating Temperature Range : -55℃ to +275℃
Dielectric Strength : AH-5,AH-10,AH-25:1000V; AH-50:1500V; AH-100,AH-250:2500V
Temperature Coefficient of Resistance Standard T.C. : ±30ppm/℃ = 10Ω and up,
±50ppm/℃ = 1 to 9.99Ω, ±90ppm/℃ = below 1Ω

WEET AH Gold Aluminum Housed Wire Wound Resistor
ItemResistancePowerSizeMOQ QTY

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WEET SQM Series Radial CP Copper Wire Cement Ceramic Audio Resistor 5W

Cement resistance has good heat resistance, low temperature coefficient, low noise, high load power, high insulation, and non flammability. Operating environment temperature: -55 ℃~+275 ℃

Cement resistors are usually used in situations with high power and current, including 2W, 3W, 5W, 10W, 15W, 20W, 25W, 30W, 50W, and even higher power. Cement resistors are commonly used in appliances with power levels above 100 watts, such as air conditioners and televisions.

The disadvantage of cement resistance lies in its large volume, high heat generation during use, difficulty in dissipating, and often insufficient precision to meet usage requirements, stability, etc. When high power, small volume resistors, or high precision and fast heat dissipation are required, cement resistors can be replaced with JEPSUN power resistors, which can achieve power of 3W, 20W, 30W, 50W, 100W, or even higher. TO-220 and TO-247 packaging are used, with high precision, strong stability, and fast heat dissipation.

Its advantages and disadvantages:
 1. Features such as shock resistance, moisture resistance, heat resistance, good heat dissipation, and low price.
 2. Completely insulated, suitable for printed circuit boards.
 3. Wrap wires on the porcelain rod and then weld the joints to produce precise resistance values and extend the lifespan.
 4. High resistance values are made using metal oxide film (MO) instead of wire winding.
 5. Excellent heat resistance, low temperature coefficient of resistance, and linear variation.
 6. Durable to short-term overload, low noise, resistance value remains unchanged over the years.
 7. Good explosion-proof performance, providing protection.

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WEET SQM Series Radial Through Hole Cement Ceramic Resistor 10W

1、 Cement Ceramic Resistor Product Introduction

Cement resistors are the earliest resistors used and widely used in various products. 

They are the most basic electronic components in electronics, appliances, equipment, and information products. 

It has characteristics such as small size, shock resistance, moisture resistance, heat resistance, good heat dissipation, and low price. 

Cement resistance is fully insulated and suitable for printed circuit boards.

Cement resistance has excellent heat resistance, low resistance temperature coefficient, and a linear variation; 

Short term overload resistance, low noise, resistance value unchanged over the years.

2、 Cement Ceramic Resistor Structure

A. Cement resistance is formed by winding resistance wire on a ceramic rod with good heat resistance or 

a glass fiber substrate with insulation and heat dissipation, forming a wire wound resistance core. 

After passing all tests, the wire wound resistance core is placed inside a ceramic shell of different sizes and shapes, 

sealed with a special non combustible heat-resistant cement electronic filling material, 

naturally dried in the shade and baked at high temperature.

B. High resistance specifications are made using metal oxide film resistor cores instead of wire wound resistor cores.

3、 Cement Ceramic Resistor Applicable scope

Widely used in AC and DC circuits such as electronics, appliances, power supplies, sound systems, and home appliances,

 it is one of the most common ideal electronic components in electronic circuits

WEET Produces Full Range of Resistors MO MF CR KPN SQP in Resistors Factory

WEE Technology Company Limited is a marketing office established in Hong Kong since 2000. 

Our resistor factory located in Dongguan province of China. 

We are specialized in manufacturing, R&D, Production and Sales of SMD, Axial, Cement, 

Audio and Power resistor products. 

WEET factory are endowed with ISO 9001 quality management certifications. 

All of our products are RoHS and REACH Compliance, superior quality with competitive price.

WEET is in full charges of supporting and handling all the affairs and business development 

of the overseas customers from our mainland factories.

WEE Technology produces full range of series resistors, such as Carbon Film Resistor, 

Metal Film Precision Resistor, Metal Oxide Resistor, Fusible Resistor, 

Wire Wound Resistor, High Precision Metal Film Leaded Resistor,Metal Film Leaded Precision Resistor, 

Precision Compact Size Resistor Networks (UPSC), 

Jumper Wire Resistor, Low Value Wire Resistor, Metal Galazed Resistor, Melf Carbon Film Resistor, 

Melf Metal Film Resistor, Cement Resistor, Ceramic Resistors, 

Non-Flammable Wire-Wound Power Resistor, Aluminum Housed Wire Wound Resistor, 

Metal Clad Wire Wound Resistor.

The resistors we produce are widely applied in Automotive Industry, Power Supply Industry,LED Lighting, 

Home Appliances, Communication Equipment, electronic toys and other consumer goods, 

Medical Equipment Industry, communication equipment, computers, automotive electronics, 

high-frequency and microwave circuits,automotive electronics, power circuits, converters, regulators and other fields


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WEET What is a FR Series Fusible Resistor

The manufacturing process of carbon film resistors utilizes carbon precipitation on magnetic rods or ceramic tubes, 

forming a layer of carbon film crystals on their surface. 

By adjusting the thickness of the carbon film and changing the degree of carbon film resistance through grooving, 

we obtain the required resistance value and apply epoxy resin on the surface to strengthen the sealing. 

The carbon film resistor is made into a color ring resistor series in appearance, 

namely the color ring carbon film resistor; The resistance range of this type of color ring resistor is 1Ω~ 10MΩ, 

Rated power includes 0.125W, 0.25W, 0.5W, 1W, etc.,

 Accuracy range:± 10%,± 5%,± 2%,

this type of carbon film resistor is generally larger in volume and is often used in some inexpensive electronic products, 

such as familiar mobile phone chargers, computer power supplies, and other electronic device circuits.

WEET MO Series Metal Oxide Resistor Across to Mundorf MRESIST MOX 5W

WEE Technology Company Limited - WEE are Capacitors Specialist



High Power-to-Size ratio for significant space savings

Excellent long-term stability

Complete flameproof construction

High surge/overload capability

Wide Resistance range: 1Ω~180KΩ

Standard tolerance: ±1%, ±2%, ±5%

MO Series Metal Oxide Resistor-5W
0.10 Ohm1.2 Ohm4.7 Ohm18 Ohm
0.22 Ohm1.5 Ohm5.6 Ohm22 Ohm
0.33 Ohm1.8 Ohm6.8 Ohm27 Ohm
0.47 Ohm2.2 Ohm8.2 Ohm33 Ohm
0.68 Ohm2.7 Ohm10 Ohm39 Ohm
0.82 Ohm3.3 Ohm12 Ohm47 Ohm
1.0 Ohm3.9 Ohm15 Ohm56 Ohm