WEET How Long Does Hi-Fi Audio Component Break-In (Burn-In) Different Ideas From Customers

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How does Hi-Fi Audio Component Break-In (Burn-In)?
Do new capacitors in a crossover need breaking in?
Capacitor Burn In: correct method? 
How long they need to full "burn in"? 

Some feedback as below from different customers for your reference only.

Customer A:  "Need" is a strong term, but to my ears, new capacitors do change in sound over the first 100 hours. The most noticeable to me listening to Daytons break in is around hours 20-30. I didn't believe it either until I heard it myself. For lack of a better explanation they get less "harsh" and "smooth" out. I'm not an electrochemical guy so I can't fathom the why on it. 

Customer B:  In my experience you’re going to have to let it run for about 6-7 years continuously in order for the capacitors to truly burn in all the way and sound their best. It’s also better if you use classical music to do so because of how dynamic it is, it will really make a major difference.

Customer C: Normaly capasitors need some time to "brake in" or "burn in". Usually it takes about 100-200 hours. Some of capasitors need more - for exampel Teflon caps need over 400 hours.

Capacitor burn in, how long does it really take?

Customer D: Absolute nonsense. If a cap required 50 hrs burn-in to perform correctly that would mean the mfg designed it that way and would include that information in the specs. Anybody seen any cap specs that state: "Requires 50 hours burn-in to reach full potential."? Me neither.

WEET WME 400V 6.8uF About How to Choose Tube MKP Capacitors Kondensotor For Crossover Audio Circuit

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WEET Film capacitors – the best choice for music
Generally speaking, there are two types of film capacitors, film and foil MKP Capacitors, and metallized CBB film capacitors.

Electrodes in film and foil capacitors are separate sheets of metal foil wound with sheets of dielectric metallized material .These electrode sheets (or foils) extend alternately out of each end of the capacitor roll beyond the dielectric, which provide a large mass of metal material to which the leads are attached. Film and foil designs make the best choice for audio sound reproduction.

Metallized film capacitors greatly reduce the physical size of the capacitor. Discrete foil sheets are replaced with the thin layer of 99% pure aluminum or other metals that are vapor-deposited directly upon the dielectric material. Since the dielectric material is present at each end of the capacitor along with the metal electrode material, direct attachment of the leads are not possible.

The end-terminations of metallized film capacitors are created by the application of a fine, molten-metal spray. The spray makes contact with the layers of metal electrode resulting in plate contact. As the metal spray particles stack up against the aluminum electrodes, there is a compression bond resulting in a resistance higher than the discrete metal foils. The leads are attached to this metal spray, which adds additional resistance. This means there is a complex filter robbing the true, clear sound reproduction

WEET Film capacitors are widely used in audio circuits for a wide range of applications. For the optimum performance of a crossover network, film capacitors with low dielectric absorption and equivalent series resistance are commonly used. The characteristics of film capacitors make them the number one choice for audio applications. It is common for circuit designers to use a combination of different types of capacitors.

WEET Small Music Capacitors With Big Powerful Enthusiastic Audio Capability

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WEET is the earlest audio crossover factory in Taiwan, now we still keep some top products manufacturing in Taiwan as well, such as foil and film capacitors.
As this kinds of capacitors need very professional workers and advanced equipment, mostly we do OEM for European brands.

For general purpose audio application MKP capacitors, we are producing them in our China mainland factory, our China factory has been there for nearly 25 years, but without much popularity as we seldom look for customers, all the customers are introduced by each other. Now we think it is a right time to promote us to overseas market, WEET is fresh, but we believe with superior quality and competitive price, we will win in the end.

If you are looking for audio capacitors, please kindly send us your inquiry, free samples are on your request. We are ready to give your our best support.

WEET 4.7uF 400VDC MKP Presicion Audio Capacitors Low DF and OEM Marking Service Provided

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Official website : https://www.musicaps.com/

WEE Technology Company Limited is specialized in manufacturing film and aluminium audio capacitors for more than 20 years history. WEET adopt the key techniques from Taiwan factories and the main material for all imported from Japan and European counties. WEE pursuit the highest level in crossover audio circuit and we believe WEET is ready to compete with overseas brands.

New product: https://www.musicaps.com/product/WEET-WMW-100V-Pure-Copper-Foil-MKP-Capacitor-Low-DF-Best-Suitable-For-Audio-Cross-Audyn-True-Copper-Cap.html

WEET WME Premium Music Capacitor Cross Reference to jb Capacitors and Jantzen Audio Cross Cap

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When WEET WME compared to one of my favourite low-cost capacitors, the Mundorf EVO Oil, it is evident that the WEET WME still lacks some clarity and sound a bit forward. 
The Mundorf EVO Oil emphasizes the top-end a fraction anyway, so maybe that comparison is not completely fair. 

But on the otherhand it does explain on which side of neutral both capacitors stand regarding the amount of top end clarity. 

What the EVO Oil does do much better is reproducing spatial information.

Comparing the WEET WME with other low cost types I would say that it comes closest to the Jantzen Audio Cross Cap or Jantzen Audio Standard Z-Cap. 

Comparing them to the Obbligato aluminium-foil MKP there are similarities in that they are both a little upfront sounding when compared to higher grade types, 

but at least the Obbligato aluminium-foil MKP shows a more open tonal balance. Like many of these basic quality MKP's WEET WME lacks some sophistication but their overall tonal balance is reasonably neutral. 

The price / quality ratio is very good. I can highly recommend this capacitor if you are looking for a nice, but not too expensive MKP. 




WEET List All Kinds of Audio Capacitors All Over The World - What Are the Best Capacitors?

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Here we list all capacitor types for all types of audio applications. A wide range of makes from Audio Note to Jantzen.

V-Cap Capacitors
Audio Note Electrolytic Capacitors
Ampohm Capacitors
Amtrans Capacitors
Audyn Capacitors
WEET WMW Pure Copper Foil and Film Capacitor
Auricap XO Metalized Polypropylene Capacitors
Arizona Cactus Capacitors
Black Gate Capacitors
Charcroft Audio Silver Mica Capacitors
ClarityCap Polypropylene Capacitors
Cornell Dubilier Capacitors
Duelund Capacitors
Elna Electrolytics Capacitors
Evox Rifa Capacitors
F&T Electrolytic Capacitors
Fender Pure Vintage Red Capacitors
GE Capacitors
ICEL Polypropylene Capacitors
Jantzen Capacitors
JB Capacitors, JFX Series Polypropylene Capacitors
WEET WMH Pure Aluminum Foil Audio Capacitor
Jensen Capacitors
Jupiter Capacitors
Kemet Electrolytic Capacitors
BHC Electrolytic Capacitors
LCR Electrolytic Capacitors
Le Clanché Signal Path Tin Foil Polypropylene Capacitors
Mallory 150M Capacitors
Miflex paper / polypropylene metal film capacitors
Mojotone Vitamin T Oil Filled Capacitors
MOD Oil Capacitors
Mullard Tropical Fish Capacitors
MusiCap Film and Foil Polypropylene Audio Capacitors
Nichicon Electrolytic Capacitors
Obbligato capacitors
Orange Drop Capacitors
Polystyrene Capacitors
Ruby Gold Cap Electrolytics
Rike Audio S-Cap 2 Aluminium foil, paper in oil capacitors
SCR Teflon Tin Foil Capacitors
SoZo NextGen Capacitors
NOS Audio Note
NOS Jensen
Supertech Capacitors
TRT Super Stealth RealityCap Film Capacitors
Toshin Jovial UTSJ Electrolytics
SuperCap Robert Hovland Series Capacitors
Silver Mica Capacitors
Mounting Brackets
Vishay Capacitors

WEET WME 1.5uF 400V Dispersion Factor (DF) Can Be Measured on LCR Low DF Audio Capacitors

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Whether DF value is high or low depends on temperature, capacity, Bai, voltage, frequency When the capacity is the same, the higher the withstand voltage, the lower the DF value. The higher the frequency, the higher the DF value and the higher the temperature. DF value is generally not marked on the capacitor, but it will be mentioned in the specification. DF can be measured on LCR. The dispersion factor (DF) is sometimes expressed by the loss angle tan.

The general DF value for WME series 0.001, so we remark a standard value on the datasheet specification table,  but the real DF will change a little which depends on the capacitance, this is why we remark each DF for each item. However overall the DF is lower than 0.001, such as there are DF 0.0005 and DF 0.0008. As we all know for audio capacitors, the lower DF values,  the better result. So WEET capacitors has actually lower DF values.

For more details, please check our datesheet : https://www.musicaps.com/Uploads/PDF/WEET-WME-Premium-Music-Capacitors-Crossover-HIFI-Audio-Application-Polypropylene-Film-Capacitor.pdf

WEET Big MKP Precision Audio Capacitor Low DF Order After The Epidemic Period

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Presently one of our valuable customer placed one large order after the epidemic period,they told me they are planning to try below 3 top high end series capacitors in their next order.

Even though the economy in their country is slow and it can't decrease people's passion towards music. Music has the power to care wound heart.

WMH-100V Pure Aluminum Foil and Film Metallized Polypropylene Capacitors Axial
WMJ–630V Gold Copper Tube and Film Metallized Polypropylene Capacitors - Axial
WMW-100V Pure Copper Foil and Film Metallized Polypropylene Capacitors Axial 


WME Premium Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitors MKP Axial, 

DF ≤0.0010 1KHz, OD*L:+/-1mm

1WME Premium Met Polypropylene 1.0uF ±5% 400V OD*L:13.5*24mm Axial RoHS
2WME Premium Met Polypropylene 1.5uF ±5% 400V OD*L:13.5*30.5  Axial RoHS
3WME Premium Met Polypropylene 1.8uF ±5% 400V OD*L:13.5*30.5  Axial RoHS
4WME Premium Met Polypropylene 2.2uF ±5% 400V OD*L:16.5*30.5  Axial RoHS
5WME Premium Met Polypropylene 2.5uF ±5% 400V OD*L:16.5*30.5  Axial RoHS
6WME Premium Met Polypropylene 2.7uF ±5% 400V OD*L:18*30.5  Axial RoHS
7WME Premium Met Polypropylene 3.3uF ±5% 400V OD*L:19.5*30.5  Axial RoHS
8WME Premium Met Polypropylene 3.9uF ±5% 400V OD*L:19.5*30.5  Axial RoHS
9WME Premium Met Polypropylene 4.7uF ±5% 400V OD*L:18.5*45  Axial RoHS
10WME Premium Met Polypropylene 5.6uF ±5% 400V OD*L:20*45  Axial RoHS
11WME Premium Met Polypropylene 6.8uF ±5% 400V OD*L:22*45  Axial RoHS
12WME Premium Met Polypropylene 7.5uF ±5% 400V OD*L:23*45  Axial RoHS
13WME Premium Met Polypropylene 8.2uF ±5% 400V OD*L:24.5*45  Axial RoHS
14WME Premium Met Polypropylene 10uF ±5% 400V OD*L:27*45  Axial RoHS
15WME Premium Met Polypropylene 12uF ±5% 400V OD*L:29.5*45  Axial RoHS
16WME Premium Met Polypropylene 15uF ±5% 400V OD*L:32.5*45  Axial RoHS
17WME Premium Met Polypropylene 18uF ±5% 400V OD*L:32*55  Axial RoHS
18WME Premium Met Polypropylene 20uF ±5% 400V OD*L:33.5*55  Axial RoHS
19WME Premium Met Polypropylene 22uF ±5% 400V OD*L:35.5*55  Axial RoHS
20WME Premium Met Polypropylene 25uF ±5% 400V OD*L:37.5*55  Axial RoHS
21WME Premium Met Polypropylene 27uF ±5% 400V OD*L:39*55  Axial RoHS
22WME Premium Met Polypropylene 30uF ±5% 400V OD*L:41*55  Axial RoHS
23WME Premium Met Polypropylene 33uF ±5% 400V OD*L:43*55  Axial RoHS

WEET Taiwan Factory is Focus for High End Audio Capacitors And Still Proivde OEM Service

WEE Technology Company Limited - WEE are Capacitors Specialist
WEET has two plant in producing audio capacitors. One is located in China Mainland for common products, another one is located in Taiwan for high end audio capacitors.

Most of our high end products are export to overseas market, but WEET brand is not quite well-known, the main reason is that we usually do OEM service for them.

From year 2020, we have different strategy, now we promote WEET capacitors all over the word. With same quality and better price, we have confidence that the success it not far away.

Passive FlammabilityGB10191-88   IEC384-16
Operating Temperature-55℃~+85℃
Capacitance Range0.1~100uF
Capacitance Tolerance±3%(E)、±5%(J)   1KHz
Rated Voltage250V、400V、630V.DC
Withstand Voltage1.6VR   5S
Dissipation Factor (DF)≤0.0010   1KHz
Insulate the Electric ResistanceCR≤0.33μF, I.R≥15,000MΩ
CR>0.33μF, I.R≥5,000S
Leads Diameter0.8、1.0   Tinned Copper Wire

WEET Three Types of Audio Capacitors: Pure Aluminum Foil , Pure Copper Foil and Metallized film caps

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Plastic film capacitors can be divided into two types according to the manufacturing process of their electrodes

WEET Film / foil capacitor
Metal foil film capacitor, a plastic layer of metal foil, usually aluminum foil, is directly added to the plastic film as the electrode; this process is relatively simple, and the electrode is easy to lead out, which can be used in high current occasions.

WEET Metallized film capacitor
Metallized film capacitor, through vacuum deposited process, directly forms a very thin metal surface on the surface of plastic film as an electrode; because the electrode thickness is very thin, it can be wound into a larger capacitance capacitor; but because of the thin electrode thickness, it is only suitable for small current occasions.

Below is WEET Audio Capacitors List, please send us your enquiry, we will quote a best price to you. Thank you.


WEET Product Description


Axial Metallized Polyester Film Capacitor (CYCLOIDAL)


Axial Metallized Polyester Film Capacitor (FLAT OVAL SHAPE)


Axial Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitor (CYCLOIDAL)


Axial Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitor (FLAT OVAL   SHAPE)


Premium Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitors MKP Axial


Precise Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitors MKP Axial


Pure Aluminum Foil and Film Metallized Polypropylene   Capacitors Axial


Pure Aluminum Foil and Film Metallized Polypropylene Capacitors Axial


Gold Copper Tube and Film Metallized Polypropylene Capacitors   - Axial


Pure Copper Foil and Film Metallized Polypropylene Capacitors Axial